Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Even though JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3: Kiss at Dawn is the third part of a trilogy, it is in fact the first book in the series as my stories start in modern times, and then it will take you back 300 years in the second book, and later in book 1, further back.




My two short stories are up and ready for download.
The first is The PSYCHIC.
I liked the sound of this story when I first began to write it.
It was originally a screenplay so I took it to pieces and made it more descriptive.
Beryl is a con artist and after she's left penniless she comes across this scam while walking through a market and five years later, and being very good at it, she now has a great life.
But Beryl really shouldn't mess about with this sort of thing, because you never know who's going to visit you next.

My first ever romantic story THE STORY OF MY HEART.
Megan made a choice and it was a wrong one, but now she gets a second chance and deep down she's scared to death.
I suppose the underlying story here is something we're all afraid of... what if?
What if I'd turned that other corner?
What if I'd spoken to that man and not ignored his interest?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome to my new blog...

If anyone is viewing this, then it means I've started this blog page correctly.

Please give me time to get accustomed to doing anything with it and then I promise to let you all contribute and post and advertise and start conversations... right now I need an idiots guide to this, so be patient and then I promise we will have lots of fun!!