Monday, 26 December 2016

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Just who are the church’s secret weapon?  
And why are they needed?

Find out in the second instalment of Judgement of Souls.

Available on paperback and as a download from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

So my amazing publicist Tanya has a new blog....   go check it out - I'm her first post!!

Check out my new video promo in it for Ordinary Wins - she made that too!


If you need any help with promos or graphics to promote your work - give her a go.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Seriously, this is most likely the last time to get this best selling book for free so take advantage.
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Monday, 9 May 2016

So every month I'm going to post a new feature.

It's going to be a post featuring one of my characters from the JUDGEMENT OF SOULS trilogy and I'm so looking forward to working on that.

This month I'm going to feature Max.   And I'd love you to tell me what you think of it.

Max is a complex character.  He's incredibly arrogant.  He seduces a young girl just weeks before her vampire embrace.  He steals an artefact and has her parents banished.  Then before he can make use of the artefact he gets double crossed and has to go into hiding.   

And the rest is in the books so you'll just have to go read them for yourselves... 
I love Max.  He's that villain that looks at you and makes you go weak... but don't turn your back on him!


Monday, 28 March 2016

I haven't done many interviews over the last six months, mainly because I've been so busy with research and writing.   But it does pay to stop working at times and just talk.  I received a very nice request last month so decided I'd take a break and answer the questions they were asking.   It was fun - so now I have a few more scheduled just for the hell of it.

Please go take a read, see if anything in it surprises you about me.  

Do you want to know anything else?  I'm always up for interviews and love the most bizarre questions... as long as you don't mind the bizarre in return!

Have a read, leave the blog a comment...  I'd really appreciate it.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

If you have to find a sacred book in order to redeem your parents, find and kill Max, the person responsible for their punishment.  The same man that broke your heart and turned your perfect world upside down and try to keep the mortal man you now love safe from this vindictive Vampire’s sword, then you should read Rachel’s story. 

JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a na├»ve pureblood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world.   Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max (Rachel's ex lover), becomes embroiled in the search.  Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.

Rachel, Daniel and Arun’s quest would immediately excite readers of Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga, Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries books.    
Rachel is a Vampire of today: conflicted, compassionate, idealistic and now extremely dangerous. She’s kind, thoughtful and also a vicious killer. 

JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3 is the first of a trilogy that chronicles her life from leaving the safety of the Vampire Elysium to her subsequent battle with Max that spans over 300 years.  The first book will lead with the discovery of the Book of Cain by Rachel’s father in the Crusades and finish with Rachel’s birth. The second follows Rachel as she searches for Max and the book, travelling from continent to continent, she will encounter a handsome Count heading for execution in the French Revolution and run-ins with a group of Vampire killers called the Righteous. These novels will be blood-thirsty and violent, but along the way, there will be tales of love and romance and heartbreak.  

Have a look at my new trailer....   Would love your feedback on it.