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4.0 out of 5 stars IABookReviews.com gave this a 7.0/10.0!, May 27, 2013

This review is from: Judgement of Souls (Kindle Edition)

Rating: 7.0/10.0

Review: In a time where many writers are attempting to romanticize vampires and sensationalize them for our younger generations, author Margarita Felices' actually crafts an old-fashioned Gothic Horror story in her latest book, "Judgement of Souls". Her work stays true to the ideas and plots that first brought these creatures to light long ago when Bram Stoker captured the public's imagination with his writing, and forced the vampire out from the dark recesses of our subconscious and into the open. Felices' book updates the tale for modern times while still infusing the pages with romance, action and intriguing characters. While the plot is predictable, it does have exciting elements that keep you reading through till the end. Set in Cardiff, Wales, the city and the places mentioned are rendered wonderfully and you can imagine the events unfolding there without having to put too much effort into it. In regards to the premise of this tale, there is enough background behind each person to allow for another book to follow, and it seems that that could be the direction the author is headed. One of the only problems with the book is its pacing. At 173 pages the story moves too quickly, trying to fit everything into far less pages then it should. This does not allow for enough time to fully explore the inhabitants of the world that Felices' has created. Overall, "Judgement of Souls" is certainly worth reading if you enjoy the classic portrayal of vampires coupled with dark humor in a Gothic Horror setting.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Welcome to my Blog page.   I have to admit that this is my very first Blog Hop so I hope you’ll contribute and follow the others on this great Blog Hop because not only will you learn about some great authors and their books, but you may pick up the odd prize or two! 

All it takes is a little comment in the box below.

As part of the blog hop I am giving away a paperback copy of my first book JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3: Kiss at Dawn and also an extra little gift - something from Wales – a genuine love spoon keyring to two lucky winners!   All you need to do is hop around each of the authors featured on the hop and leave them a comment – don’t forget to include your email address so we can contact you - and one lucky winner could also win this from Books To Go Now.

1st Grand Prize: (1) Kindle Fire!
2nd Grand Prize: (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card


Winners will be randomly selected and announced on 30th May 

So, seeing as you are here, why don’t I tell you about this book?

I have always had this morbid fascination with supernatural/paranormal beings and with vampires in particular. It wasn’t much of a surprise that my first novel would be about vampires – although it was a surprise to me to learn it was a trilogy!  My vampire lead is Rachel de Grosnez and she’s no weak minded female. She’s a kick ass lean mean fighting machine who is stopped in her tracks by Daniel Moore.  Her family were the guardians of a very special vampire artefact called the Book of Cain and one day it’s stolen from the vampire Elysium (their safe haven) by Max, who entered the Elysium in a near fanfare, targeting the young Rachel to the point of seduction.  And then he’s gone.  Obviously she’s heartbroken by his actions, especially as her parents have been banished and she promises to find the book and restore them back in their rightful places.  But by now, three hundred years have passed and she’s hit a dead end.  Until Max returns, kills Daniel’s best friend and now they are all involved in the search.  All this while Daniel’s friends try to find something that will convince Daniel to dump Rachel, and Rachel’s vampire friend Arun, tries to convince her to dump Daniel! 

I’ve been an author for a year; I say that loosely because I felt that I could only be called that once someone bought my book and reviewed it and I’ve been very lucky to have received some great reviews.   So I hope you’ll pick up a copy of it because very soon the prequel will be here and you’ll be dying to know what’s been happening!


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Friday, 17 May 2013

Books To Go Now is proud to announce our Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop!
May 22nd -29th, 2013

Guess what?! It's getting close to the official start of the Books To Go Now's Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop. 
I’m so excited that I’m going to be meeting and going on over 80 blogs in my first blog hop. 

So if you haven’t taken a look or joined my blog, sign on to this link and then see what kind of a mess I get into!   This should be hilarious!  And I’m giving away something traditionally Welsh!  

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