Monday, 12 October 2015

Isn’t it nice when you get a really great review?  I thought I'd share this one because I really did enjoy writing ORDINARY WINS and I'm so glad that someone enjoyed it so much that she now describes me as one of her favourite authors!  How's that for a recommendation?
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Ordinary Wins
by Margarita Felices
Reviewed by Heidi Lynn
Oct 12, 2015
Margarita it seems wrote this book with me in mind. I just adored this book and she is now one of my favorite authors. She touched me and hit the nail on the head with so many points. It was a book I needed to read.
Right from the excerpt she had my full attention. I was laughing my ass off when she said that everything written about love was a load of crap!! Most stories being about people falling in love with each other and sharing a love that was equal. But those are those that fail in love! Me!! I have fallen for all those biggest wankers in history she discusses in the book!! In the book she says we think they will love us back the way we should. I say they should love us back the way we want them to. I agree with the author that we are victims in game called unjust affairs.
She hit the nail on the head with the beautiful people and the us people too! I am one of the ordinary woman that try to have someone notice and desire me. What is a woman to do these days?!
I was laughing so hard when Margarita said in her younger days dreamed of meeting someone famous and having them fall in love with her. Heck, I am 39 and still have that fantasy! Don’t give up on that dream Margarita!! Dreams can come true! I am still holding out hope for some of my celeb crushes lol!
I can totally relate to the main character Nicki Lace being 43 but feeling 20. I still feel like I am a teenager! Some say I act it too.
I would totally read anything by this author again.