Monday, 10 March 2014

I'm ashamed that I haven't had the time to post on here for some time.  It's been a very unusual few months full of new people and circumstances.

For the most part I've been writing.  Book 2 is well on its way now, a few formatting issues delayed it for a while as well as a huge edit, but I'm hoping that it's all sorted.  

The good news comes in several parts - some I can mention now, some I can't.   
The first is that last September I found two Producers in the US who are willing to take on the Judgement of Souls trilogy and approach a few film studios and get funding to make them into films! It took a little time to work out the Option, but we got it working and I'm super excited... but as with all things, they take time and after two months, I am seriously climbing the walls hoping that today will be the day I get the news that they have secured some funding. 

Until that day - I write.

Book 3 has been started.  I say started because right now its a huge jigsaw puzzle and I have no idea where to take it, I'm sure we've all been there?   I'm starting my researching campaign into the Crusades and trying not to fry my brain too much.   I have other works on the go too, I'm collaborating with a friend to bring you something very different from me.  It's very racy, funny and well.... I'll post a bit of it on here when we're a little further with it.    

I'm looking for reviewers for Book 2, so if anyone is interested in getting a pdf, just let me know.
Here's just a little snippet to whet your appetite...

Excerpt from Judgement of Souls 2

In front of her stood her handsome friend dressed in grey breeches and black knee-high boots and a dark grey shirt with a black waistcoat, buttoned up with four gold embossed buttons. He wore his hair tied back. His face was clean shaven, his eyes large and bright green and he smiled the most likeable of smiles.
“Arun.” said Rachel as she dropped the bone into the water. She rushed into his arms.  “I've missed you so much.”
“And I you,” he said as he looked at her face. “What’s happened to you?”
“I couldn’t go back,” she blubbered. “It was my fault, I could not, not without them.”
“Six months Rachel, it’s been six months.  It’s time to either go back or sort this out.”
“I don’t know how to sort it out,” she bawled into his chest. “I don’t know anything…I'm frightened Arun, I don’t know anything and I'm doing things and I can’t help it and I'm…”     
         “That’s why I've come.” he cupped her face in his hands. “I'm going to help you and teach you to control what’s been happening to you, I know what it’s like after the Embrace, but you need another vampire to show you the way how.  And because your parents can’t teach you, I’ll do it.  I'm going to help your transition into vampire life then you can go out there and find Max and get the book back.”


  1. Love your vamps! Can't wait to see in a movie! Would love it as a tv series :)

  2. Worked for me, margarita! Love your male Vamp!! ')