Friday, 14 June 2013

Last month I realised that Goodreads do a book voting list (or Listopia), so I placed JOS in several catagories and then forgot about it until today.  Thing is, I don't think I'm doing myself any favours by not trying to get JOS up a few places in the charts.  I have no idea if it'll work, but what do I have to lose?  I may even reach people who have never read it before and like the sound of it and that can't be bad.

So today I've been messaging and Facebooking and Tweeting everyone I can and it's moving on up the list!

The only thing I can ask of you, if you don't mind that is, is to help me out.   If you're on any lists that require a vote, let me know, I'm more than happy to vote for all of yours if you send me the links.

Here is where you'll find it.   As of this minute (14/6/13  1600hrs) I am on page 3 and at number 232.


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