Thursday, 6 June 2013


Well I think it's about time I updated this page. For those who have download JOS3, the next bit of news is that JOS2 is at the agents and editors waiting it's turn to be looked over. I just hope they like it and want to publish it. Once I get it back, I'm working on it non-stop to have it ready as soon as I can. I'd love for a Halloween release, but the sooner the better eh? What can I tell you about this new story? Well it starts when Rachel leaves the Elysium with her parents and it ends with her at Cardiff Castle, the start of JOS3. The story covers 300 years and the Righteous are in it a bit more - I'm following the Moore family through the centuries and anyone who has read JOS3 will know that Daniel's surname is Moore.
Is there a connection?
You'll have to wait and see. ♥

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